Low foaming high efficiency scouring agent AX-XK

This product is an alkali-resistant, high-efficiency, low-bubble scouring agent with excellent comprehensive properties such as dispersion, emulsification, penetration, solubilization and washing. It is not only widely used in the scouring of cotton, linen and blended fabrics, but also in the special processes of retreating, boiling and bleaching cotton and blended fabrics, as well as special processes such as cold-rolled piles. This product is non-irritating to the human body and will not pollute the environment. (excluding APEO)
Product Details
Appearance: colorless or light yellow transparent liquid
Composition: complexes of anionic, nonionic surfactants and various synthetic agents
PH value: 6-8 
Water solubility: good
Stability: resistant to hard water
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