Oxygen bleaching stabilizer AX-HG2000

This product is a new non-silicon type oxygen bleaching stabilizer with high temperature resistance and strong alkali resistance. It is mainly used in the pretreatment oxygen bleaching process of pure cotton, polyester cotton and its blended fabrics. Since metal ions such as calcium and magnesium can prevent plague such as fiber damage or hole generated in the hydrogen peroxide bleaching process of the woven fabric. At the same time, there is no problem that the fabric feels rough and the equipment is difficult to clean caused by the silicon scale. It is suitable for alkaline oxygen one bath method, two bath method, cold rolling reactor and conventional oxygen bleaching process, and is an ideal hydrogen peroxide stabilizer.
Product Details
Composed of a variety of phosphate and alkaline earth metal salts
Appearance: transparent liquid (slight white precipitate but does not affect the effect)
PH value: 2-4
Hydrogen peroxide decomposition rate: <65%

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