Moisture wicking finishing agent AX-PSR

PSR is a high-grade environmentally friendly chemical additive for polyether polymer synthesis. It can replace high temperature levelling agent, bath anti-wrinkle agent, finishing water wicking agent, antistatic agent and hydrophilic softener in the process of polyester chemical fiber dyeing. Polyester and nylon fabrics have a PSR-treated fabric with the unique style of cotton natural fabric. At the same time it gives the fabric a soft hand and good water absorption. The fabric retains its original advantages such as long-lasting resilience, drape and tightness. It is especially suitable for the special style of polyester fabric imitation wool, imitation linen and artificial silk.
Product Details
Appearance: translucent viscous liquid
PH value: 5-7
Ionicity: Nonionic
Solubility: can be dissolved in cold water in any proportion
Compatibility: Compatible with anionic, cationic and non-ionic products
Foam degree: low
Stability: high
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